Hey! Bot

A bot I made

Hey! Bot


A Discord Bot I made with Python.

How to add

You can use the invite link to add it to one of the servers you manage or host it your self with your own link.
Uptime is not great. invite


  • Opensource


  • Limited responses
  • Baddly coded
  • Uptime is not great
  • ECT

    What does it do

    Prefix: '-'
    hey/hi/wassup/ect:  Replies
    vsauce:             quotes him
    icon:               uploads avatar
    meme:               uploads meme
    ping:               find the delay speed
    -d                for debug mode (just gives more vairables)
    online:             checks if hey bot is online or not
    lb:                 leaderboard is printed (lag may occure)
    stats:              prints the stats
    force-error:        forces an error
    display-update:     Updates the screen


    Ex 1)

    me: -hi
    bot: wassup

    Ex 2) Example:

    me: -ping -d
    bot:  Ping Request:
        User: [USERNAME];
        Size: 8;
        Recieved-Latency: 00.105625s
        Send-Latency: 00.175876s
        Total-Latency: 00.281288s
        ID-Tag: 0x2249


Screenshot 1


Double messages with screen at the momment and some bad code on the status line in the display.


Don’t sell code!

Don’t forget to credit me @Haz001